Compelling personal story of adventure: discovering an ancient civilization deep in dangerous jungle.  Every page has magnificent photographs showing the mystery,  beauty and horrible consequences of the 2015 expedition.

"G​ripping, frightening and sometimes humorous,​ beautifully illustrated with photographs...​. I highly recommend this book!"

--Douglas Preston, author,​

The Lost City of the Monkey God:

A True Story

#1 New York Times bestseller



"The official literary chronicles of how Tom and a determined band of techies and pilots, a bestselling author and documentary crew found a lost city in the  adventure of a lifetime.  Read this book and you'll be happy that there are intrepid men like Tom Weinberg to tell us so brilliantly what we missed."

 --Larry Kirshbaum,

former CEO of Time-Warner Publishing

"How lucky for us that Tom Weinberg was there to witness and record every moment of this harrowing, exhilarating
adventure in one of the most impenetrable and forbidding spots on the planet. It’s a pleasure that he shares their story with such honesty and insight. If I didn’t already know Tom as a highly principled video journalist and an insatiable seeker of the truth, I’d swear this was a work of fiction. It’s really that great."

 --Robert Feder,

Blogger/Media Columnist, Daily Herald

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The story traces the 20-year quixotic obsession of a few guys that blossomed into a world-renowned scientific, historical and archaeological breakthrough. Pals since the 1970s,  Weinberg and expedition leader Steve Elkins and his expert team 

uncover incontrovertible evidence of a previously unknown civilization.

It includes the author’s private journals written in Honduras, plus more than 180 photographs and Weinberg’s deep reflections on his “Adventure of a Lifetime.”


The reader is brought into the world of the discoverers, complete with dangerous snakes and insects, gorgeous untouched beauty, exhilaration and a rare disease that came with the discovery.

It’s a great read and the pictorial and personal companion to the 2017 New York Times #1 bestseller, Lost City of the Monkey God: A True Story by Douglas Preston (Grand Central, 2017.) Preston calls Weinberg “The Official Chronicler” who wrote on his laptop in impenetrable Mosquitia Jungle.

Chasing The Lost City: Chronicles of Discovery in Honduras sparkles with the insights and foibles of a first-time explorer with pithy, sometimes self-deprecating and brutally honest reflections.

The compelling images, many of which are video still frames from an upcoming major documentary, have been beautifully orchestrated by award winning designer Elan Soltes. As the stunning photographs prove, this tiny spot in the Mosquitia Jungle of Honduras is a rugged, pristine, frightening, and almost sacred place.

First edition of Chasing the Lost City was published by Eckhartz Press of Chicago in September, 2017.




Author and video/TV pioneer documentary producer Tom Weinberg has penned this personal account of a 20-year journey to discovery.

He is a fourth generation Chicagoan who started as a print journalist and became an out-of-the-mainstream producer of more than 500 nonfiction TV shows.

His credits include the breakthrough national PBS series THE 90’s, Image Union a public TV staple for 30 years, and more than a dozen documentaries.  He has won four Emmy awards and taught college courses for 13 years.


His text about media and documentaries has been used by several university professors.  He founded and is Board Chair of the Media Burn Independent Video Archive which contains more than 8,000 nonfiction videos, 3,000 of which are available free online at As of May, 2019, the site’s videos had more than 25 million page views from 200 countries.


He writes a monthly personal blog PY-O-MY Letter/Weinberg House Organ, founded in 1952 by his father which Tom revived in 2013.



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